January 21, 2013

monday, paints & a little more on routines

A regular Monday at the Fishbowl. Finally, after weeks with visitors (which, of course, has been super nice!), with mixed up schedules and some unexpected drama, today was wonderfully unexciting. And, as it is snowy outside and freezing cold, things looked bright and it was easy to stay focused. A couple of hours of office work, a lot of painting and a nice, but quick winter lunch. Only the husband spoiled the peaceful setting, by making fun of me. Looking at our little camera, which is around only for a couple of months and which is already covered in paint, he just rolled his eyes and laughed. Well, I cannot help it, it seems. How do handle this issue, my fellow artists? Any suggestions? I haven't found a solution yet, as when a picture needs to be taken, it just needs to be taken. No matter, in what conditions these painter hands are.


  1. Oh I know that problem, haha! same over here, how hard I try to keep things clean, it does not work.... so; no good advice coming from this artist, it just how it works! just let them laugh, we know better;-)

  2. ha, I have a very vivid image of the husband in my head :)

  3. @celine schroeder if it would only be that camera... but you're right, we know better ;-)

    @petra I guess so. ha!