December 02, 2012

sunday delight & some work on top

Today it's time for the first candle of Advent, a time of the year I am absolutely in love with. This is not about silly to-do-lists and stressful running after expensive presents, which I do not care about a lot. As it gets darker outside, what could be cosier, than to be inside the Fishbowl, have lots of tea and work on nice things for your loved ones. Or simply sit and linger around all that has happened over the year. With this morning, I have officially left the "in between" for now, changing into a thoughtful, but even brighter mode. And to proof myself not to be completely resistant to all the busy stuff going on around me, I have finally updated the Takeaway-Art-Shop with new artwork.  Including a little surprise, will lift the curtains by tomorrow. Until then have a wonderful Sunday. Off to coffee and cake with the family.

1 comment:

  1. Christmas time! I will define it completely new for me. It doesn't feel quiet and thoughtful here, but there has to be an upside of the powerful energy that Summer brings to the holidays.
    I will find something different that fits the spirit. Enjoy your coffee and cake.