December 28, 2012

on riding unknown horses

Last night, with coffee and the last box of Christmas treats, we've met in the Fishbowl and started making plans. Well, I am of course old enough to know, that life is not predictable and plans often fail, exactly because of this. What we actually did, was to check where we both, the husband and I, are seeing ourselves over the next three to five years. We were trying to find out, where our fantasies might carrie us, when all the binding stuff, like money, time and responsibilities, is out of the picture. Everything was allowed. Enough time given too, to spin all those ideas up to an end.

Within the first minutes, it had been an overwhelming situation and I wasn't sure anymore, if we aren't simply getting lost between all those different threads and paths, that started to unfold. Still, we kept on going. And yes, some of our ideas didn't match at all. Which, to me is important and right, as being a couple doesn't mean to be one brain, one heart, one body. Each of us does have plans of their own. What was more surprising, amazing and even frightening, was the fact which word showed up mostly on our lists. Away.

It was all about leaving, where we are right now. Not like to escape something, but to go somewhere we want to be. Away. Scary, but we also felt how strong this wish is for the both of us and, now that is is out in the field, we know that we're going to take this very seriously. Away.

We did nail it down to like three places we want to go and we did start to make plans, as I have already said. So, by the end of this year, we know there are clearly a lot of changes around the corner. I have to tell you, I cannot wait. To many adventures and to untraveled roads. Cheers to the ones traveling.


  1. what deliciousness to be immersed in that sort of dialogue.

    i know all about 'away'. it probably ought to scare me more, but i'm a leaper. ;)

    exciting things ahead for you both.

  2. oooh I recognize it! and I think more people should do this, as a couple, see were you stand, what your dreams are and what is possible. I think a lot of us are scared to do this. it doesn't mean that everything is coming true, that's not possible. but people are often even scared to talk about it or even think about it. I'm very curious what is going to happen in the fishbowl and also at my place:-)

  3. two ways of approaching the same goal. ;)

  4. oh, that's my favourite "planning" game, if everything was out of the picture what would you much fun and so clarifying and liberating.
    Hope you had a wonderful time and Happy New Year.