December 17, 2012

notes on not knowing

Though I was so not sure wether I should write about this or just keep silent, all that helplessness, the feeling of hurt and of anger is simply screaming too loud inside of me. Somehow it needs to get out. There're no answers I'm able to offer, some questions or a humble opinion maybe, but actually, the most I needed to say is, that I am sorry. That I am sorry about the fear, the pain, the incredible loss that parents, that sisters and brothers, that families have to bare right now. Every time a town, a place, has to go through something like Newtown has to go through right now, every single time this is already too much. And as hard as it appears, there still is hope, that we as human beings are going to be strong enough, to not define ourselves over horrible stories like this. For tonight it is silence, sympathy and love.