December 10, 2012

campfire within an unsual setting

Good things come in many shades and sometimes, when they're neither planned nor expected at all, you will have the best times of all. This weekend we had an Open Studio in the Fishbowl, some grumpy arguments between two lovers being business partners as well, there was a lot of chocolate in form of cake, Japan and my sister paid a little visit, we had Gl├╝hwein, only a little less than chocolate, I completely burned down my favourite scarf, while it was wrapped around my neck (actually I'm still a little shocked), and we shouldn't forget about the good dose of snow, Berlin got over the last days. So much had happened that by Sunday afternoon, I actually found myself standing in the middle of the studio, weary and even a little helpless, when suddenly the frontdoor opened and my favourite neighbors turned up. The best ending for such a weekend, believe me. And even better, when you'll manage to keep all of it in the back of your mind, to start into another week.


  1. oh I'm sure you're in shock! to bad for the scarf but you're okay! sounds like a wonderful afternoon and the pictures show that, they are beautiful! makes me wish that I was there!

  2. how did you manage to do that to the scarf? while wearing? 8o
    so glad it ended on a high. i'm still trying to climb out. but i get glimpses.

    we have super hard frost so far in southern england.

  3. @monica oh the scarf, just a simple "lighting the candles while talking" accident. stupid stuff, that happens when you're stress out. luckily, it ended only in a lost scarf, but not in a real drama. btw. it is super frosty in berlin too!