November 12, 2012

"like catnip for humans"

Sometimes, we do need a good dose of fresh input or some, surprisingly, similar perspectives to give ourselves some new fuel to keep on going. Sometimes a Saturday turns out so different, from what we had expected. In case we've expected anything at all. And sometimes talking about politics is the most exciting thing to do, while having homemade pizza. When finished of, with a long walk through the Autumn woods the following day, life shows you its brightest moments. And it reminds you, of one of the very pleasurable side effects, when it comes to blogging; you come to meet the most amazing people. A little downside could be seen in the fact, that if there's more than one Blogger in the room, the cameras might get quite keen on similar subjects. No, I'm kidding. Actually it is very nice to see your night, through someone else's eyes. Having said this, here you're going to find more pictures on the food, the drinks, our kitchen and on many hours, simply chatted away. Thank you for the great company.


  1. ha, and I love the butt shots. almost forgot to point that out :)

  2. oh! didn't realise you were f2f friends with petra, i recently read about your night on her blog!

    that's interesting about bloggers snapping away, never considered that before. too funny.

  3. @petra I was actually wondering, why you didn't point it out ;)

    @monica well, we only met last week. as I said, taaht is what I like blogs a lot. making connections. in so many ways!

  4. there you are!
    somehow i could not find you on the net, how strange!
    blog meeting? homemade pizza? politics? (the last makes me sad and tired lately)
    happy to be here...