November 25, 2012

a memory of pumpkin pie

Whenever you might feel slightly frustrated about your fellow men and women, the best cure in the world would be, to invite great people over for dinner. Let the chef of the house cook some amazing food (pumpkin pie & cranberry sauce are highly recommended!), lit a lot of candles, serve good wine and then, simply watch the crowd. Stand at the end of the table, silent for a few seconds and indulge. After last night's studio dinner I am back into people. Somewhere between all the conversations and the laughter, it clicked and within a couple of hours, it was all made up for the cranky days I had lately. Thank you everybody for my first propper Thanksgiving Dinner, thank you for all the love and for finishing of the turkey beast of 8kg, with like thirteen people. I am happily impressed and will stay like this for the next days. Now I am off to the kitchen. Of course. Have a wonderful Sunday night.


  1. sounds like you had a great evening. enjoy the memories. because the next shitty thing is just about to happen!

    (sorry, couldn't help it ;)

  2. @petra good morning, dear. ha, I knew it. the cynic, she is still around ;) and yeah, probably it is, but that is what makes saturday night even more precious.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I think I will have to attend your dinners one time, sounds like you are the most amazing chef.

  4. mmmm
    sounds lovely,
    tasty food, wine and good people,
    will always improve the situation!