October 01, 2012

"unexpected space"

Though we had some difficulties to get into our little holiday break, the weekend helped a lot. The Fishbowl and its computers have been left cold, not a single email was touched, and we flew out for two days in a row. Sometimes Berlin brings me to jump of my skin; too much hustle, too much grumpiness and far too many narrow-minded people, but then again the old lady amazes me. There are still those beautiful secrets hinding underneath  the rough and noisy surface. Be it in the middle of the night, listening to the marvelous tunes of our friend Andrea Schroeder or during an early morning out in the sun, visiting another friend's studio in the Eastern district of Adlershof, Berlin can be a queen. As long as we don't force her. Light comes in many shades and very often, the unexpected got to be named best.

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