October 14, 2012

"the reason behind"

We're heading into another night of the Speak Easy Club and as usual, there's a lot to do. Like picking up the groceries, getting flowers from the market and preparing the studio. Last, being the least pleasant part, I have to admit. Sometimes, it really is a somewhat uncomfortable feeling, to clear away all the bits and pieces I am currently working at, and to open the space to friends or strangers. There are moments I feel almost invaded by my own idea. A couple of weeks ago a television team came around, to introduce us in a little a video. One of the things they've have been asking us instantly, was why we do have those dinners and what is in it for us, doing them? I have thought about this for a while and actually there're a several reasons. First of all, we believe in food being a huge part, when it comes to creativity, culture and identity. A lot of my EnvironmentInstallations are food related too. To me, food is one of the strongest materials, one can use in making art, as you won't possibly get any closer to people, than giving them something to eat. The main reason for the studio dinners though, is to create a different kind of energy in the Fishbowl. Different to the one, that we would have, when simply working and living here. To invite people to our table, be it they know each other or they have never met before, deeply inspires me. The conversations, the interaction, every tiny bit, while having good food on the our plates, is part of our concept to have an open door policy. I cannot image myself in a  closed-up studio for very long. Exclusively only swimming in my oiwn thoughts and ideas. Art to me, only makes sense, when connected to people. As much as we put into these events, so do all our guests with all their personality. When being asked for the next time, what the idea behind those dinners might be, it is clear to me. It is the gift of people. 

p.s. last night the camera arrived and made me a happy camper. as soon as I got into the new baby, it is enough with the kind of crappy images lately. wohoo!

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  1. too bad I missed it.... and congrats to the new camera :) happy sunday xxxx