October 14, 2012

"the brightest tune"

This time I've actually managed to shoot some impressions during the studio dinner. We had the greatest of times last night. New faces and old friends, homemade pasta, fresh mussels and some good red, that might be the candidate to become our new,  most favourite, house wine. Holy Canneloni was this a good one. Besides all the fun, in the end one or the other little tear was shared too, as we had to farewell a good friend. After almost three years in Berlin, she is going back home now. Thank you for all the moments we had together and for being the impressive woman, that you are. Goodbye, we will see you soon in New York. To catch a portion of Crutched Nuts Ice Cream, of course. Until then, you'll be terrible missed. The good thing, thinking of you always comes with a smile as well. So, after such a wonderful night, next week will be taken by storm and with a lot of dancing.

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