October 10, 2012

"on getting to change plans"

Actually, I am in the middle of preparing my November show "a fair of sprinkling gunpowder" and so far, things went quite well. First scetches are done, the floor plan for the three exhibition spaces is finished and the serious drawing is about to start. You don't have to be a clearvoyant to guess what's coming next. I am stuck. At least for today. Last night I've stumbed over a silly cable in the hall and fell. Unfortunately for me, I've tried to soften the fall, by using my hands and ended up with a strained forefinger and a hurting shoulder. The finger probably looks worse than it is, as it has double the size of his left friend, but right now everything hurts and even tiping is not really fun. On top of that, silly me, dropped the camera last week and it is definitely dead. These are the last three pictures that could be safed. Hopefully the new baby is due to arrive lately on Friday. Until then things will have to go slow. Maybe it is a good idea to go over the show's concept again. Maybe it is time for another cup of coffee. Some days there is simply more rain, than others . We just have to swim with the waves, right.


  1. oh, sorry to hear. I hope things will look up again soon!

  2. thank you @petra. it is not too bad, rather annoying. right there, in the middle of the flow ;)

  3. Oh dear...you just have to sit this one out... And I can imagine how annoying that must be. I hope your shoulder and finger don't hurt that much and good luck with the concept and your camera!