October 25, 2012

"creative quarantine"

I am not talking to people these days. Actually, I'm trying hard to ignore routines and every-day-drama, but concentrate busy on the flow. Though there won't be a lot of statments today, maybe you'll still like a little sneak into the stuff I am up to right this minute. In between, I am talking a lot to myself. Things that no one will ever hear. Ten days before the show, this is serious studio time. For the better or the worse. Some pieces for "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder" have already turned out great, others, well, let us not go there. As they say, there is nothing else to do, but just keep swimming. That's exactly what I will do now. Wish me luck, to survive the little drownings in between.


  1. Keep talking to yourself and you'll be okay!!! Good luck and enjoy your studio time;-)

  2. that's the way, shut all the rest out.

  3. You are inspiration personified...you will float right through and above...xo