September 12, 2012

"on humans & grapes"

Between two commissioned portraits and short lunch breaks, I have finally started to work on a project, that has been in the back of my mind for a very long time. There is not a lot I can say about it just yet, but it has something to do with respect and it is planned as a sticker series. Maybe a little like the buttons I made for Neukölln Bites last year, maybe completely different. I'm only approaching the idea in tiny babysteps. The point is, that living in a city like Berlin, very often pushes you over your boundaries. And I guess that counts for most of the larger cities. Berlin is absolutely great, but it can also be quite loud, crowded and rough too. People seem to watch out mainly for themselves, which is probably simply human, but we do seem to forget a bit too often, on how our actions can affect others. Once in a while, it would be so easy to make life a bit smoother. Other lifes, and our life as well. If we could only remind more often, on how we appreciate to be treated with respect.


  1. ah, respect. hard to find in larger cities. I agree. in smaller ones you get a lot of it. but it's generally two-faced. I wonder how often we don't get respect because we don't respect ourselves enough. sort of in a karmic way.

    is karmic a word???

  2. @Petra haha, according to karmic is a word. for the rest, you're absolutely right. respect is probably more than a one-direction-road (that word, I believe, does not exist, but I like it), in many ways.

  3. That's so truth! You also notice it if you smile to strangers, people aren't used to that anymore and just find it weird or are surprised. Or if you hold the door for someone in a shop. If everybody just would do that a bit more, more kindness and less angry!

  4. I agree but some people are just born angry! Cant help it :)

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  5. Imagine a world where everyone where merely polite to each other. It woud have been quite enough for a new beginning.

    Just read an article on an experiment in Oslo, small city compared to Berlin. A woman spent all day on the bus, tram and subway, just to see what it would take for someone to smile or say a few friendly words. The result was devastating.

    I promise to smile if I ever see you, Annton!
    Many hugs,

  6. Oh, I forgot. I do like the look of your portrait. Didn't know that you did commissioned portraits. Something to think about!

  7. @Lilli, I fear it would be devastating here too. on the other hand, I have learned, sometimes it only needs a little pushing to waken people up. the scetch, btw., is no portrait. it's first steps into the "respect" project.