August 09, 2012

"delicious august"

Another one of our Speak Easy Club dinner is about to kick of next week and
actually, I cannot wait to have some lovely guests over and enjoy gorgeous food together.
To sit down at a long table and to eat in the studio, always creates a very special atmosphere and
as we had a little break over summer, this is even more exciting.


*Garlic Soup

*Fish'n Chips
Grilled fish,
three kinds of potatoes,
homemade dips

*Berry Tarte with
Mascarpone Créme
Chocolate Parfait

One of my latest fantasies, is to join with all my wonderful  and smart Fishbowl readers around that old table. This would be such a feast; lots of laughter and some wild music included.


  1. It's sound wonderful, both the menu and your fantasie!

  2. sounds delicious. as much as i love garlic, i've never had garlic soup! i ought to.

  3. impressive menu, sounds very TASTY!
    berry tarte with mascarpone creme, wow!
    checked you on facebook, sounds like a great idea this speak easy club, would love to join and visit you in berlin!

  4. p.s have you ever had garlic icecream?

  5. @sarapirat. thank you. it would be so nice to have you. no, I never had garlic icecream. how is it?

  6. That's a lovely fantasy, Annton. I wonder, would I fit in the 'Speak Easy Club', maybe if it's alo a 'Speak A Lot Club' :)

  7. You guys are always coming up with the most delicious sounding menus. They are a great inspiration.