August 07, 2012


Almost there. Almost done. Tomorrow will be the day, I have been waiting for, for more than two years and actually, I cannot believe it just now. There's not a lot better in life than some pleasant anticipation. Is it? The next days I will be flying around happily, before I can finally fill you in on the complete story. And before, with the beginning of next week, it is back to real Fishbowl time. Lost between all the paperwork and in, what feels like, a million appointments, I have missed that so much. By monday I will be back into the studio and back to creating. Back to what I love most.


  1. I wonder, I wonder.
    If you have to wait till tomorrow, I definitely have to wait as well (although I am very curious).
    Good, long hug for tomorrow!

  2. now that's unfair.... we have to wait????

  3. What is it? So curious. Have a wonderful day and enjoy every inch of it!

  4. Oh I'm so curious but mostly I hope it's as good as you wish it would be!!!!