July 25, 2012

"Sander Summer Tea"

There is not much more delightful these days, but one of these hot summer nights in the backyard. Sitting on the doorsill, no shoes, but good tunes. Even more delightful, last night the perfection was accompanied by the fragrance of Hibiscus flowers, oranges and ginger. A little rum, not to forget. "Sander Summer Tea" is something we came up with a while ago and it follows us through summer ever since.

"Sander Summer Tea"

hibiscus syrup:

350g sugar
550g water
100g hibiscus flowers
10g ginger
the juice of one orange
orange zests

put in a pot and boil up.
let it cool down and then strain
through a sieve


4 cl white rum
3 cl hibiscus syrup
juice of half an orange
1 teaspoon of brown sugar

shake with ice and fill

up with soda

Though, with all that rain and the temperatures far too low, it had been a struggle to get here; right now, I am in love with my city. It would be nice, if that feeling could stay a while. Cheers!


  1. hmmm, sounds delicious :)

  2. no wonder it has stayed with you, sounds utterly delicious, and i wouldn't say no if it offered it right now... the sun shines here, finally!