June 03, 2012

"food for thoughts"

Marre Moerel
Leticia Credidio
Maarten Baptist
The weekend went exactly how it was planned; besides from a short visit to Taste Festival, I didn't really leave the couch, barely the house. Only to walk Emma through the rain. It was all about watching movies, sleeping and reading. A weekend a perfection. I am feeling much more energetic and well prepared for the upcoming days. Tomorrow will come with another rhythm, but not before having a good dose aspargus and new potatoes and maybe, another movie. To a great sunday night, everybody.


  1. ours included a lot of rain, so couch (or sofa as we say) time was also prevalent here. ;)

  2. sound wonderful....I wish you a good start in the new week;-)

  3. great photos! it's so important to have this little breaks. i call them recharging time.