June 09, 2012

"chewing gum days"

The thing about patience is, that she usually asks for a few inches more, for a tiny bit extra strength and endurance. She will be demanding those steps, we believe we might not be able to go. That seems to be her nature and nothing will change that. A random week; not bad and not great either. There had been some studio time, an nice little party, but also a lot of driving with the brakes on. I am trying to focus on the sunshine and the sweets. And on the fact, that time is working for me and for the Fishbowl. At the end of this road, thing are going to be very different, a whole new level is just around the next corner. There will be many chances for dancing. With that in mind, I will just go on and on, no matter what. One more time I will take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the weekend, as it comes. Enjoy yours too!


  1. ha, I hear you. patience is testing me sorely these days, and going on, one step at a time, seems to be all I'm able to...

    have a wonderful weekend...

  2. I love your take on patience. I (like most) have been struggling to keep patience a priority. As a single mother of a one year old active boy it is required. There are some days that I'd like to throw my arms up in the air and quit however, like you said she demands those extra steps. Usually when I stop and allow myself to take those steps I am much more calm and content.

  3. @Petra Sooner or later these days in between will be over. A lot sooner, than later.

  4. @Jessilyn She does, demand those steps, and as you said, sometimes nothing helps but throwing some arms. Have a great Tuesday!