May 16, 2012

"zoning out delight"

Only very rarely, we will probably get the chance to look back into the days. Into times, long gone, from a position more comfortable and safe. From today. A commercial shoot, happening in front of the Fishbowl, made me exactly that precious present. Having worked as a movie editor for many years, having shot several short movies, at a certain point I made the decision to call it quits. A clean cut, as it felt like I was only committing half hearted. Trapped somewhere between long nights in a cutting room or equally long days on set, and the intense longing to go on with my art. It was obvious that something had to change. Either it was to intensify my movie career and saying goodbye to a life dedicated to my other love. Or walk the unknown and jump into the cold water of being a full time artist. My heart decided for brushes, paints and a studio. Of course, there are still moments, when I miss what comes with working on a movie. That very special way of telling and building up a story, for example. Today though, it was such a relief to be only a bystander. To watch all that running around, the large amount of people trying to synchronize their different professions. I felt incredibly comfortable and happy, to sit in the studio and to be able to call myself an artist. On that note, thank you Alexandra Hedberg for giving me a lot to think about during tomorrow's time off. .

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  1. I did not know that! That's interesting. I imagine how stresfull it must have been. I have a cousin who also works as an editor and I know how hard he works and how stressed out he often is. Brave of you to decide for the brushes!