May 08, 2012

"moving, pushing, smiling"

It has taken ages, but now the portfolio for my EnvironmentInstallations is finally done. What a tricky things this was. Usually one would probably do some video stuff, taken during a show. But as my work is always something to walk through, rather haptic and interactive, than simply to look at, I definitely wanted something to touch. A little three-dimensional object; something special and traditional at the same time. So the idea was to create a one room dollhouse. Thanks to the help of my graphic designer, it turned out exactly how I wanted it. I am absolutely happy with the outcome. Thank you Marc Prinz. Though we were building a box, you are perfect in thinking exactly out of this. One step closer to tying up loose ends, never ceases to come with the very sweet feeling, of having things done.


  1. sounds (and looks) interesting. where is this installation? and for how long? Berlin, I guess. I must have missed it on your blog earlier. I'm going to be in Berlin in a few weeks and would love to have a look if it's still ongoing...

  2. Looks great, I love the idea of thinking out of the box while your building one! just great!

  3. @petra this isn't about a current exhibition, but all the stuff I did over the past two years. for example this one:

    if you're in Berlin, of course you are most welcome to stop by the studio for a coffee!

  4. Céline has a good point, and special and traditional is my weakness. Detailed works in paper has always facinated me.
    Oh when, if ever, will I see you and your work in Berlin...