May 27, 2012

"friday creatures"

The Fishbowl had a very nice visitor. Natascha came by and we had coffee together. We talked about all that comes with being an artist, about the ups and downs of being self employed and even about, what life is being a woman of our age. How weird that sounds, but actually, that part had been the funniest one, including tons of laughter. That woman is not only a great illustrator, she also knows how to tell a story. When she left, some little creatures stayed. My favourite one gotta be the Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you so much for such a marvelous afternoon. Today the summer has to stay on the other side of the window, as the husband and I have caught a nasty flu. For the rest of this sunday, it will be the couch. Hopefully by tomorrow we will be back, catching some sun.


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love that flower...I hope it brightens up your flu-ey days.

  2. @liv Thank you, things are already looking much better. After spending yesterday out there, in some summery shade, I can already feel it is almost good.