May 01, 2012

"faded pleasures"

I have found a secret lake. Somewhere in the middle of the city, hidden silently behind a weathered wooden fence. No one had payed attention, it felt, for ages. No one had taken a swim there, but it was still obvious in its greens, blues and turquoises. The lake came with a house, though the shape of it had been forgotten within minutes. I have found a secret lake and I have fallen in love with its shyness and its pond, filled up with tiny noises of splashing water and bell-like laughters. When closing my eyes, I find myself in the middle of someone else's photograph. I might just stay there for the rest of the day.


  1. Your words make me feel if I was standing there, watching that beautiful, secret, hidden lake. It feels like a fairy tale.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! What a magical little spot!

  3. Everyone needs a secret lake :)