April 08, 2012

"two stories, one path"

I would not have sacrificed so much for love if love were mostly about pleasure.
(Linda Gregg)
Today, I've adopted a painting. Within the blink of an eye. Though it is not clear, if we are at all meant for each other, I simply couldn't leave it there. On the sidewalk. On another note, it wasn't the smartest move, trying to color brown eggs into a yellowish shade. Now, they are here and they are going to be used anyway. Some things probably need some time to grow on us. Others need to be taken as they come. Happy Easter, happy Sunday.


  1. Happy Easter,

    i am glad you adopted it. I do it it all the time when i see things like that thrown away.
    I hope it will find a nice new home with you or someone else.
    Enjoy the loooong weekend.

  2. happy easter!! and how nice of you to adopt the painting. how can anyone leave this on the sidewalk? find a good home for it! but abandon it like this...

  3. der satz ist sehr schön, treffend für ostern, und dass es nicht nur um ostereier und schokohasen geht. Eigentlich geht es nur um Liebe, ob mans nun glaubt oder nicht!