April 20, 2012

"spring tunes"

For the first time this year, we were having a beer outside. Plus a marvelous concert on top. While the Fishbowl is still a place of serious procrastination and studio time is actually not running smooth at the moment, the city is preparing for the first summerish events. Last night, we had the chance to be in the game for a gig of Rob Longstaff. And boy, was this guy good. Currently based in Berlin, he was playing the best soul, blues and pop mixture, I have been listening to in a long while. And I mean, long. A warm hearted infusion of energy, fun and rhythm took me away within the first riffs. In case, you are in the city and have the chance to listen to Rob, I highly recommend not to miss that chance. If you're somewhere else, his album Boogaloo can be purchased via his website. Go on and dance to it.


  1. i'll live my gig loving vicariously through you! lol
    his stuff like i would love it.
    can't wait for it to be outside beer weather here!

  2. serious procrastination?? I know how that feels :)

    so what is there for good summerish events? will be back in Berlin in May. yeah!!!

  3. If mr. Longstaff was to play here, let's say this Saturday, he would have to put his coat on. And we would be sipping hot chocolat with gloves on. That could have been nice too, I suspect :)

    And thank you, lovely Annton, I know that you know what we're going through at the moment.

    I had to google 'procrastination', such a great word. And such a great thing to do, sometimes.
    Love Lilli x

  4. I will check his music, I don't now it. I wish you nice weekend and hope you have better weather then we do over here.... I'm looking forward to the summer.....

  5. That guy is good indeed!
    And I love the slogan "there is no planet b"