March 08, 2012

"a state of almost"

The most exciting thing, that has happened today so far, was a little lunch mess in the kitchen. An hour ago. Besides that, nothing really special is on the agenda for the Fishbowl. There is a lot of painting, a bit of office work, some more painting. It is raining outside, a grey pre-spring day, and even the dog is bored. Working on bigger sized paintings can have such an effect on me. You work and work, but by the end of the day, the result of all the effort, feels minor and insignificant. Of course, this is what we call routine and it is part of the deal, but once in a while I cannot handle it very well. My chronic impatience makes it quite tricky to get through these phases. Could someone send me a little firework, please. Or any other beautiful distraction.


  1. Oh thank god I'm not allone with that feeling!!! I feel it at the moment with another pippi-dress...pfffffffffffff...
    You describe it so well but I'm sorry: I can't help you... I also don't know how to get through those phases. The only thing is: just keep on painting!!!

  2. your exhibitions with art and food look wonderful and your space looks so cozy! nice hearing from you ;)

  3. i have a little draft post about monotony. sometimes it hits hard.

    stumbled in to your place from port la rouge i think. :)

  4. I suspected it, but it is nice to read, that I am so not alone in this. have a great weekend!