March 24, 2012

"sorting out"

Something I have always found difficult, actually refuse to do, is to pigeonhole me as an artist in any way. Painting and drawing, as much as creating EnvironmentInstallations is, what is going on in the Fishbowl for a long time already. What others might call a balancing act, works out just fine for me. The different methods and perspectives usually stimulate each other and when stuck within a dead end street, there is always a chance to step back and focus on something else. It does become tricky in moments, when it is necessary to present my work. The wide range of all the bits and pieces can, for example while creating a portfolio, make the work appear blurry and not specific enough. Currently on an intensive search for art dealers and galleries to represent my work overseas, I am not sure if it is smart to split professions and approach distinct dealers for distinct pieces, or show them the complete range. What are your thoughts on it? While researching and sorting out adresses, I am kind of stuck around this question and seem not to be moving forward. A little kicking and pushing would be highly appreciated.

P.S. Thank you for all the good wishes and nice comments according to Emma. The little queen is much better already. A little bored in fact, as she is not allowed to chase and run yet. Have a wonderful weekend, take in all the sunlight and the smiles.

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  1. that's funny, I stuggled with that guestion for the last 10 years or so... I always used a lot of different media: painting, drawing, performance, video... and all my teachers and professors at school dind't think that was a good idea. It's exactly like you said: people don't know what to think about your stuff and for the galeries it's difficult to sell, because they don't know where to put you... I also didn't know what to do, I just feel that I can't pretend to be something I'm not, so I always made a portfolio with all my art. I don't know if that is smart... Do what feels right!!!
    ( it's a miracle that at the moment I'm only drawing, that is new for me ;-)