March 04, 2012

"casual ideas on coincidences"

Recently I was asked, if I believe in things happening for a reason. It depends on the occasion, I guess. Great stuff, will problably land in a box labeled "well deserved" or "luck". On the other hand, when something gets tricky or I have to handle a little bit of a set-back, it makes it easier to assume a bigger picture around it. That, sooner or later, some secret will be revealed. Something that explain why things didn't work out. Silly kitchen philosophy, taking the best out of every possible interpretation. What I do strongly believe in though, is that making art and every day life are much stronger connected than most of us would admit. At least that is what I see, when looking at this weekend's studio pics. Besides a good dose of mustard, there had been a lot of sleep, silence and reading. This could go on a little longer, if you'd ask me, but the week annouces itself to become rather busy and fully packed. For now, to a good and easy Sunday night. Maybe some more mustard.

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