March 30, 2012

"back, but forward"

Revisiting places from a long time ago, spaces that had a huge meaning to our childhood, can come out quite differently. We all probably remember that huge place, we have been living in as kids and suddenly, as grown-ups, we'll come back and all that spacious feeling shrinks down to a tiny appartment. Or that exciting playground, we have loved to go to and where so many adventures have been survived. Some tired swings and a sad old sandpit is all we'll find today. Maybe things simply have changed, maybe it is only a change of perspectives. Still, it is not possible to turn back time. Then there are those places, we return to and suddenly it hits the mind, how much good stuff has happened since then. They might have been dark spaces or scary ones even, but confronted with our current lifes, there is nothing of that left. Strength is what stays with us and the knockledge that we have come a long way. Growing, smiling, changing into the person we are today. Maybe we have shared the same roots, we have chosen our own paths too. Building up, away from where we've started.


  1. All I can say: you're so right... And you describe it so perfectly, I wish I could write like you!

  2. great post. and something to ponder about...

  3. Yes, as Céline said, you describe it so perfectly. I often have to remind myself that 'those times', the childhood, is no longer. It is somehow part of me and who I am today, but it is in every essence of the word g.o.n.e.
    Even if the core of us is what it is, we can all choose. To turn towards the sun, or to creep into the shadows.

    I hear you, load and clear!
    Love, hugs,