February 04, 2012

"on cold feet and getting closer"

The reunion has started. For the first time in over a month, the studio and I are back together. Still a bit shy and hesistant, we're getting closer, taking an intensive look at each other. One second euphoric, the next one rather insecure. I find myself looking for things I am familiar with; the ceiling, edges of the old easel or a painting that hasn't been on my mind for long. A secret, how we tend to distant ourselves so fast. How we are running from well known places and comfortable roles. I guess, no matter how many years I will be going on as an artist, it will happen over and over again. Somehow new, every time. While the frost out there is sharp and biting; I am in here, starting once again, an exciting affair with this place and with all it means to me. A wonderful weekend to all of you; maybe some hot soup included.

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