January 21, 2012

"the beauty of misfits"

Beetroots, wonderfully red and juicy, delicious small apples, turnips or tons of herbs, thrown into the bin just because they are too big, too small or have grown somehow unshaped. This is what happens with tons and tons of vegetables and fruits around Germany. And many places else. Every single day, they don't make it into shops and markets because of official regulations. Something is really going wrong here, don't you think. Last night though, we have been invited to a great event. Together with almost two hundred people, we have been peeling and cutting around 1000 kg of those forgotten beauties, while Dj's provided us with marvelous tunes to dance along with. All that food was used to cook a protester's soup, which is going to be handed out during a huge demonstration today. What an effective, smart and fun way to say NO and even more, to sayYES to alternatives.


  1. What a great idea! I recently red an article about that, it's just crazy! Because the shape is "wrong" people won't buy it and it get's thrown away. And they just taste fine, nothing wrong with it and I'm sure the soup was wonderful ;-)

  2. What a wonderful night!
    But I definitely think it's crazy that they just throw out food because it's "misshaped".

  3. It gives me a headache just to think about the unbelievable amounts of food being thrown away every day. It makes no sense at all.
    But - fortunately there are always someone who tries to make things right. What a great idea. How did the demonstration go?

    Finally got a chance to show 'Shadowfeet & other things floating' on my blog today. It's beautiful!

    Lilli xo

  4. Actually all this food wasting makes me really, really angry. Taking in account, we throw away, while others starve. That is why I too liked the idea of that event so much. The demonstration went quite well, almost 23.000 people showed up.