December 06, 2011

"less thunder, more light"

Very often, when working on an EnvironmentInstallation, the most tricky part is the lighting. It can get quite difficult to find the right colors, shades or forms, ready made in some shop. In the end, we will find ourselves designing lamps from scratch or from recycled, vintage pieces. I just love using things with some history im my art. As a lot of our visitors have been asking recently, where we buy our lamps from or if the ones they find in the studio are for sale, we've decided to give it a try and design some lampshades, not connected to any installation. This is what came out of it; a little Pop-up-store set up for the month of December, showcasing what we have been doing lately.

Opening hours at the

Thursday & Friday 4 to 8 p.m.
Saturday 1 to 6 p.m.

Atelier Schmidt
Sanderstraße 20
12047 Berlin
phone +493050968476

If you are in the Berlin area, you are most welcome to visit us at the Fishbowl, have a look around and maybe, share a cup of hot tea or a glass of red wine with us. For now, I desperately need some coffee and a good dose of christmas cookies, made by a dear friend. Maybe I will leave some for you.


  1. They look beautiful! I would love to come by and visit, drink a cup of thea and eat cookies...maybe some day;-)

  2. wish I was in Berlin to see--what great work! thank you for your visit...

  3. I wish could come for a tea! It sounds great. We are planning a Berlin trip for February.
    I love the first photo of the lamp btw.

  4. Liv, that sounds great! Hopefully we are around in February and we can share this cup. You are of course, very welcome to visit! Love from Berlin.