November 28, 2011

"standing & out"

Sometimes we learn about another person's attitude from one second to another. Sometimes the experience isn't all too pleasant, sometimes even hurtful. When this is related to a person we have thought to know quite well and for a long time, it can deal a pretty good blow. Happening to me today, I was in shock for a moment. And there was sadness; finding out what I love is not relevant for the other. Even more, it is not wanted at all. The sadness felt bitter a few minutes later, developing a pinch of anger. Still, it brought me nowhere. I felt stuck like a deer in headlights and it was awful, when someone else handed me a warm scarf of understanding. It helped to overcome that paralyzed feeling and to start thinking straight again. I am still a bit sad, but that is alright with me. We probably need to accept other people's choices as what they are, their choices. Not related to us, nor to support or to fight us. As simple or as hard this might be. What we want, is what we decide. The same with the things we don't want. I decide to life and to happiness, for myself. There is no more I can do. Besides a little applogizing, for being that heavy tonight.


  1. OH! I hope you are feeling better and you came across more positive people lately. Sending you a hug from London.

  2. You describe things so well...Off course it's "their choice" but it's still very hard if it's someone you love...And it can really hit you very hard. I hope you feel a bit better and I'm always so surpised by your picture, they are beautiful, every time!

  3. sweet one ! big hug from neighbour ! you are cool !