November 21, 2011

"one night with Hamdi"

Though our desks are extremely packed and the days seem always too short, once in a while we manage to take some time off and explore other people's projects. For one night last week, we had the pleasure to meet up with Hamdi in Charlottenburg. King@Kreuzberg is the newest project of actor and director Aykut Kayacik, who wrote this brilliant script about the adventures of Hamdi, a Berlin businessman with Turkish roots, who refers to himself as the King of Kreuzberg. We had been invited to a scenic reading. Together with some of Germany's finest actors, Aykut and his friends brought that Kreuzberg microcosm to life. And when I say to life, I mean it. Actually, I cannot remember when it had been the last time, I have laughed that hard and had so much fun, listening to a bunch of people on a stage. It has been absolutely great and the only whish open when leaving the place, was that the series is going to get realized by some smart producer. It is about time for many others to meet up with Hamdi.

P.S. The reading took place within the small, but very good festival 30 Tage Kunst.The festival runs until the end of November. Go and have a look at their program, it will be absolutely worth a visit.

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