October 11, 2011

"postcard pictured"

Ship containers have an interesting effect on me; coming in sight they always trigger a severe attack of wanderlust. In combination with crisp air, blue skies and sunny spots on the water, it gets even worse. Like a bird that is about to leave for the southern hemisphere, I am getting nervous and excited. Especially on a perfect day like yesterday. What an incredible Sunday I had and how tricky it was, to get back into some kind of working mode today. Back to a rainy Monday; with dull greys and temperatures, that feel to have dropped at least ten degrees. Glad to be in bed now, candlelight and a glass of wine. Even the sound of the rain becomes more pleasant like that. To a good night and to the beat of secret wings.


  1. my wonderful neighbour, you write just so attractive that I want to come over and have that glass of rainy red with you. Amore from the backyard

  2. "To a good night and to the beat of secret wings."

    I like the sound of that... to secret wings and a good night.