June 12, 2011

"on letting go and cherries"

Several pots of coffee, my favourite chocolate cookies and three hours, filled up with incredibly fruitful work; I am delighted. It always amazes me, how much we are able to conquer, when under pressure. Only one lovely sunday afternoon, a festival at the doorsteps and we have shifted a complete concept. Actually, we have said goodbye to one concept, opening the door for a sparkling new one. And the best part of it, I like that new one even more than the other. The man is in the kitchen now, working on Rhubarb Chips and I am busy, creating badges. Kapow. Come on guys, and dance with me.


  1. Congratulations, I dance for you arround in my studio!
    Like the last picture, so funny en very red cherries!
    dum ditty dance ;-)