May 23, 2011

"the other side of the moon"

Sometimes things change, only because we meet someone. The Fishbowl is empty again, after almost one week filled up with laughter, tons of energy and love. I know, this sounds cheesy, but there is no other way to put what has happened over the last five days. Friends from Uruguay came to visit us. On a tour through Europe, we had the pleasure to host them and it has been a remarkable clash. Absolutamente. Un caos delicioso. Short days and long nights, the sun getting up, when we went to bed. There was swimming while thunder and lightning appeared, two boys in the sky at the old airport. We enjoyed Maté, Turkish food and Sushi. And we have been far too noisy in the middle of the night. Of course. Sorry neighbors, but such a dose of life cannot be digested silently. We promise to make it up somehow. Above all, two girls have found out they're sisters from different mothers. Sometimes the sun is just a little bit brighter. Sometimes things truly change, only because we meet someone.

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