May 10, 2011

"a few pieces on"

Seems like Berlin has skipped spring, jumping directly into summer; it is incredibly warm today, blue skies and tons of sunshine. I am still busy in the studio, working on those branch sculptures and planning a fresh, new EnvironmentInstallation. The whole place looks a bit like a butchery; dark red gloss splatters everywhere. I am highly convinced things do not appear overly inviting from the other side of the shop windows and actually I kind of like the idea of that; it makes me laugh loud while going on. Above that, we are looking forward to an exciting event by the end of next week. For the first time we're not only showing our work at the Fishbowl, but will have a guest artist. The painter Peter Klint, from the island of Sylt, is taking place in "Herr Klint und Frau Schmidt". It will be a small, but exquisite show over three days. We are abolute thrilled and honored by this cooperation.

Friday, the 20th of May 
20-23 Uhr

Saturday, the 21st of May
16-22 Uhr

Sunday, the 22nd of May,
on appointment
(tel 030 50968476)

So, if you happen to be in the area, it would be a pleasure to welcome you as our guest. I am going back to that paint tin now and maybe have some icecream later. Riding that horse!

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