April 19, 2011

"the value of willful ignorance"

Last week has been conquered with grace and with a renewed, firm attitude toward agencies and offices. The appointment I had been writing about lately, did go well. So to say, it did go well in terms of nothing dramatic happened. After waiting for almost two hours in an unfriendly place, surrounded by grumpy officers with no sense of humor, I had received two smiles, one affectionate handshake and a form saying nothing more, but was clear before. I decided to rather put focus on the fresh, green grass, than on lost hours, spent in a nasty, cold hallway. Life is too short.


  1. jet dat nich ooch in deutsch ? isch mahn des is immer noch des land desse muddersprach mir spreche und obwohl mei englisch wärklich gut is würd ichs doch gut finne wenn's so a tachebuch ooch in de muttersprach gebe wärd.
    nur so'n kleiner tipliebe annton.

  2. I hate it wenn I have to wait in such places, I try to focus on the nice things as well, like you do. I find that very difficult....

    @torsten: and what about the people who love to read anntons post but don't speak german? Her blog goes around the world ;-) Und is das überhaupt deutsch? ich versteh kein wort!

  3. Hey thanks so much for your sweet, thoughtful comment on my blog. I'm really glad you said hello! Really. I truly appreciate your kind words and support.