April 07, 2011

"lovely release"

I did promise good news and here we go: Sold! Two pieces within less than a week; I am over the moon, as you might guess. One part of being an artist, is of course, selling your work. Even after so many years, it hasn't ceased to be something special and extra exciting to me. Something that I will always cherish and be thankful for. Periods that are low on sales can make you really nervous and a bit doubtful. Though I understand that the quality of work is not found in the amount of money you're making with it, at the end of the day, sales are one kind of a solid recognition that we might be following the right paths. Besides the fact, that your profession is the thing you want to make a living with. I don't know about you, but the first time I was ever giving a piece into the hands of a collector, it has been a bitter sweet moment; one filled with pride and pleasure, but also a good part of sadness, watching my "baby" leave. Over the time you get used to it and dealing becomes less of a deal. It is just what we do. Sometimes though, selling moments are true highlights. When someone approaches you and has been honestly fallen for a piece. You can see it in their eyes; how they look at the work and how they talk about it. My heart starts jumping like crazy, everytime this happens. I'll probably hide goosebumps under my sleeves, start to shiver secretly and will hold my breath, before starting to inhale every single second of it. Someone who burns for something that you have created, I could not imagine a more delicious reward for the nasty moments in between. Living as an artist is great.  

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  1. You describe it so wonderful, even it's sometimes such a struggle. I love the picture and that you can see the red sticker! And of course: congratulations!