March 28, 2011

"no clouds for the diva"

The weekend is over and I can proudly present, that we did make it. Some of you might think:"Of course you did, as you always do." But to me it never feels like we're going to finish in time and I can bet on at least one litte breakdown while building up. For this show in particular, there was only one week after the studio party, to change everything into a whole new concept. On the way up to the Opening, I had the impression, that it wasn't fair to the idea to give it such little time to grow. SeltSamen should get more attention, went through my head during the process of creating. In the end I simply decided to see it more as a workshow than a complete exhibition. At this moment I was able to let it go and though not everything did work out perfectly, we had a lot of interesting and very interested guests. Especially on Sunday the Fishbowl was crowed with people coming in, talking and asking questions. My head is filled up with inspiration and I can't wait to go further with the SeltSamen. Totally exhausted, but none the less pleased. Above this, there are some exciting news, I am going to share within the next days. For now, I wish you a wonderful week and that you'll find a moment to enjoy Spring knocking at the door.

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