March 20, 2011


This week has been colored in so many shades, it feels almost impossible to figure out the prior mood or the most important moment about it. While the world was holding it's breath, watching Japan in shock, everybody in the Fishbowl was busy preparing for the big studio party. I found it a not at all easy balancing act between my fear and sympathy, and the obvious need to keep my own stuff running. I did spent a lot of time in front of the news, besides working late hours. There was a lot of painting involved, handwritten texts for the newly designed portfolios, there was the renovation of my childhood dollhouse, which I am planning to use as a show piece for my installations, plus, my sister came over to rehearse with a new piano player. As this hadn't been enough, Monday was my birthday as well and regardless of our busy schedule, we've managed to have coffee and cake with a bunch of friends. You can not imagine the beautiful flowers and presents I've recieved all over the day. The cosy afternoon was actually followed by a nice little dinner and a bottle of champagne. Nothing really spectacular but still, everything made me feel very special and loved. Maybe you could say, this is the essence of this week. Besides all the blue and scary moments, there is something very precious that we should share with each other as often as possible. It is, simply, Love.

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