February 16, 2011

"renowned ordinary"

Wednesdays mark the middle of the week; this one was no different and an ordinary studio day at the Fishbowl above. Someone knocked in the morning, asking if he could buy the husband's office table. When you live in an old shop this happens once in a while and most of the time, I feel honored about such moves. Besides that, we had a nice premature Spring day, Emma's friend, an old man living in the hood, came by to bring her some treats, someone else delivered flyer, I managed to work on the concept for the Blossom show in March and finished one of my oil studies, the Magnolias filled the place with their amazing colors and scent, I had far too much cauliflower and mashed potatoes for dinner and now, it is time for a hot bath and a glass of wine. Hopefully your day was a smooth and as ordinary as mine.


  1. Sometimes the most ordinary days are the best ones! And I love the colours in your pictures!