February 18, 2011

"paper drama"

Spending the best of yesterday and today in some beige colored office and with the studio phone, I am still rolling eyes here. The simple idea of renewing a driver's licence turned into some kind of strange comedy show. I went to the office early afternoon, to finally pick up my papers after weeks of waiting. The moment I arrived there, something felt strange and I've silently asked myself: "Should this really be one of done things on my very long and urgent list?" Probably the bare thought of this, did turn things into a clear NO. After waiting ten minutes, I was led into a huge office with at least twelve tables and even more officers. A lady with incredibly short hair, screamed friendly at me, that there wasn't even a request under my name and of course no driver's licence. I had given them all the nescessary stuff by December, but she stuck with her version, that I had never been there before. Well, after another ten minutes, suddenly some photos with my name on the envelope, showed up. Another ten minutes ahead and the lady explained, it must have been their trainee and that hings have gone wrong. Of course she couldn't help me to solve the mess and sent me over to her co-worker. This one was even more friendly, and as I insisted over and over again, how important it was for me to take the document home, she came up with an idea. I was offered to pay a little more to get an Express Print, which I happily did. Just the second before we were almost through with the process, the officer noticed some missing details on the form. As I had made the licence about 20 years ago down in Southern Germany, the Berlin office needed all the imformation from there. And, they had only sent half of the file. Express Print cancelled immediately. Equiped with stacks of paper, several phone and Fax numbers, but no driver's licence, I left the public building, heading home to the Fishbowl. This happened by 3 p.m. yesterday and it took me only until 12 a.m. this morning, to finally reach someone down south; only to find out, half of my file was lost in their system and it would take another month to recreate it. Thank God, I am a well-behaved girl. I managed to stay calm and encouraged the guy on the other side of the phone, to come up with a better idea. Something in my tone must have hit the right button and, you wouldn't believe it, he found the file in some long vanished Word document. I could almost hear, how proud he was and thanked him generously. For now, I am slightly positive to get the licence by Wednesday.

After all this, it is time to stick to my newest addiction; orange juice with banana and fresh ginger. It is mindblowing and makes you see wonderful colors within all the February Grey. Served in my favourite red glasses, I am over offices for today, focusing on a hopefully great, great weekend.

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  1. Sounds you had a realy nice day ;-(
    I wish you the best for the weekend, enjoy!