February 07, 2011

"one week show"

Looking at the pictures I've just uploaded, it makes me wonder how differerent one week can be from another. Maybe it is the ending of the Year of the Tiger or simply coincidence, but those seven days have been filled with interesting ideas, appointments and amazing people. A total scene change to the slowmotion feeling before. Starting with some tuna salad to die for and a very nice birthday party, which we've hosted at the Fishbowl, I couldn't have spent the last eight days in a more energetic and focused way. There is still a lot of project planning going on and though it is not clear at all, what will come out of it, it pushes my creativity like a cool wave of fresh ideas and concepts. Being in action already, I took the chance to finally revisit the Freies Museum of Berlin. Last year I had the great opportunity to curate and exhibit the show MEMO_RAISING there and it was wonderful to go back and to meet some of their very special artists and innovative manager. As we had spent almost six weeks at the venue, going back felt a bit like going home. Whenever you have the chance, I highly recommend to check out the website and to pay a visit to one of the internationally engaged shows at the museum.

Above all the encouring input lately, one of my lifelong dreams has been fulfilled. It is only a little thing, but I had always wished to live next to a marvelous bar. No cafĂ© or some ordinary beer bar, but a classy place to have some honest cocktails or longdrinks. Three nights ago, this fantasy  has suddenly become real. I am over the moon about this new lounge; dark chocolate colored walls, subtle lilac neon lights, nice guys behind the counter and some good eletronic tunes from a live DJ. Unfortunately the manager didn't feel comfortable with me posting pictures of the interior, so I have to leave you with an idea of my current favourite drink, which has to be a not fancy, but classical Whiskey Sour, and with greetings from a very satisfied barfly soul. Have a happy and inspiring weekend!

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