February 20, 2011

"eating it up"

Working as an artist gets most interesting for me, when I am able to not only to create, but when I have the chance to get in touch with people using my art. Very often I exhibit paintings or drawings within an installation, the so called EnvironmentInstallations, to interact with the visitors of a show and to include their experience within the process of planning following pieces. Last year I was given the incredible opportunity to participate in a very interesting show; I decided to go there with a complete room. Based on the question, about how open and tolerante we actually are when it comes to others, I did design an old fashioned grocery store, where I had drawn portraits of people living in Berlin on display. I did not explain anything about those faces, nothing about their brackground, their ethnic, religious or sexual belonging, just let them stand for themselves. Instead, guests were invited to buy homemade Tolerance- and Respect-Lollies, as well as Indentity-Sweets, in the shop. My aim was to get everybody a tiny bit closer, involve them in the show and make them take something home, something despite the bare memory. It was amazing what holding or, even better, eating a Respect-Lollie for example, tiggered for some of the people. The conversations I had with them, the questions I've been asked, since that experience my interest in interactive shows has deeply intesified. Based on last year's show, I am right now working on a new EnvironmentInstallation. Leaving the questions around tolerance and respect, I am planning to create a place, asking even more specific questions. Questions around mine and other's identities. As I strongly believe, only understanding who we are for ourselves, gives us the ability to understand and to accept others. What do you think?

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