February 09, 2011

"boring but good"

I almost feels like spring here. A bit cold still maybe, but the air is light and easy. And for the first time during my long but messy gardening career, I did manage to bring some plants over the freezing season. The Ericas on the windowsill of the office are still alive. And we have passed January already. Usually I can only harvest dried out, brown strings lately by December. Though the weather has been amazing today, I didn't make it into the park and instead, had to watch the sunshine from behind the big glass windows. This wasn't too bad either, as it involved studio time and finally finished, nasty paperwork. I could dance over such mini milestones. Can you too? As a friend wrote to me this morning; we should take things as they come and just enjoy the ride. I am sure, I have spit out similar advices before, but it seems we need to remind ourselves over and over again. The most simply things are obviously the hardest ones to do. Now, call me smartie pants, I deserve it.

1 comment:

  1. you deserve it ! and it inspires me to do my small but annoying paperwork things and then feel much better afterwards ! yeah.