January 12, 2011

"previously light"

I must confess this week hasn't reached me yet. I still smile about a weekend, that had be more than different from what it was expected; including one interesting Saturday night.

Finding ourselves on the stairways of the house we live in, together with almost half of the other tentants, is not the usual Saturday Night Fever Program. We we're about to prepare a quick dinner, before heading out to a party, when suddenly the lights started to flicker. Once or twice they've blinked and then the flat went pitch black. Only seconds later it knocked at the front door; neighbors wanting to know if we have the same problem. It always amazes me how nervous people get, when things are slightly different from their routines, and even more, how they act when stuck in an unexpected situation. The lady next door, instantly, came out with a bottle of Vodka; I am still convinced, she already had half of it. One guy from the penthouse, who is a dance teacher, positioned himself on the stairs, talking and talking about what we should do best, while others, without attracting any attention, took out their mobile phones and tried to call the power company. My favourite quote of the night though, came from the Facility Manager. He showed up after two hours, went to the cellar with his assistant, only to leave again five minutes later. He told us, that he would go home to look up the phone number of the power company on the internet. Maybe people act like that all the time and it just doesn't show, but at this point I wasn't sure if he was just kidding us or he meant his words seriously. After a while the excitement in the house lowered a bit and everybody went back to their own flat. The problem was, with the power went the heating and as we live on ground floor, this wasn't the most cosy perpective. Taking a shower in a chilly flat, no hairdryer at hand, not something I was overly keen on. And though our birthday invitation sounded truly tempting, we decided to cancle it and stay at home. First we had that simple but marvelous potatoe soup, surrounded by candlelight. After that, althought it was not even 11 p.m., we went to bed; equipped with even more candles, two good movies and one of our notebooks. Not very exciting, but one of the best Saturday nights in a while and I was almost sad, when my bedside lamp turned back on at 3 o'clock in the morning.


  1. :)) I can imagine how restorative it was! Good, you couldn't come to my party, otherwise you would have had a lot Vodka and a headache next morning instead of being bright-eyed and well-rested.. ;)
    But hope to see you guys soon again! :)

  2. that's funny, I so recognize the story! People react so scary or weird if the lights are not working. Isn't that strange? Do people that all over the world?

  3. You are right; only one time I made a different experience. When living in NZ it happened often and the people there handle it absolutely relaxed; they take out the candles and throw some steaks on the BBQ. I have loved that!