January 22, 2011

"beyond the rain"

Getting up was a real task this morning; I could have stayed in bed for the rest of the day. Lots of coffee, unhealthy sweets, magazines and books, what a tempting idea this was. You wouldn't have guessed, the plan was different. At least once a month we're having one of our SPEAK EASY CLUB DINNER. We sent out a menue, something we are in the mood for, and people who like it as well, are invited to book a place at our table. We never know what kind of group we will have, but it is always an interesting and inspiring adventure. Today though, I definitely ran low on motivation and it took me two hours to even start. You probably know that feeling of really looking forward to attend a certain invitiation and you get very excited in advance. The night the party is supposed to rock, you are suddenly in the mood for your couch and some movies at home. Well, that was exactly how this felt. After pushing myself a bit, I did get on track, but the beginning of the preparation started bumpy and unpleasant; our favourite wine store was closed for not known reasons, the Asian supermarket lacked of fresh vegetables and after doing all the shopping, I've recognized that there is no single candle left in the Fishbowl. The thing with these moments is, you have to go through them. When you have finally reached the party you weren't in the mood for, they quite often turn out to be the best nights ever. I am not that far at the moment, but after unpacking all the wonderful, fresh ingredients and the aroma of ginger, lime and mint coming from the kitchen, I am prepared now and actually can't wait to have some delishes Asian bites. Have a surprising and wonderful Saturday night everybody!


  1. The pieces you write are so recognizable! I always read them with such pleasure. And you put beautiful photo's with them.

  2. Thank you, Céline! You're comments are always so sweet and truly appreciated. It means a lot to me.