January 26, 2011

"ambitions, destinations & a good dose of slow-motion"

Though I had planned to treat January like a delicate flower, it must have slipped me, this woman is no propper gardener. And that patience is not one of my biggest talents. Three weeks into the year and I find myself in the middle of a strange mixture of planning future projects, tons of paperwork and the ambitious task to make time for quality studio hours. It feels like all these different energies and agendas need some propper juggling and that I better do not turn my back on one of them, while everything around seems to be driving with their brakes on.

Maybe there is a trick to this and I just have not found it yet.


  1. trick is here:
    Sit down
    crystal clear Annton.
    no fuss.
    want an eso link ?
    May be you like...it helps me, really !

  2. that's funny (but not really...) I've the same problem, january has been a disaster! Maybe it's because we think everything has to go and has to be better in the new year, but in the end, your just the same as in december. It has to take some time I quess and hopefully february is going to be better!