December 10, 2010

"a question of no"

Sometimes I ask myself about how clear we have to be towards others; in case we want something or even harder, when we don't want something. Days in the Fishbowl are, as I've wrote already, quite busy at the moment. With a big job to handle Friday night and the holiday studio sale over the weekend, the place is buzzing. Still, a client planned to deliver his wine selection late this afternoon. It is totally fine to store stuff for someone who has booked an event with Thomas. This guy though, told me he will come around 4 or 5 p.m., but no one showed up until 9. No call, no messages. I thought something had come up and he will deliver the next morning instead. That for I've decided to close the blinds, not expecting any visitors anymore.

Half past nine, the same second our pizza was delivered, the guy suddenly appeared, accompanied by his wife. They stood at the door, big smiles, saying they want to pay us a friendly visit. The next thing happening, they took a seat in the studio and stayed and stayed and stayed; while we had our dinner, while I walked Emma and while Thomas marinated 5 kilos of duck breasts. When they've left two hours later, I was boiling inside, not sure what went wrong actually.

Someone once told me, people won't hear a "No" unless we'll say it. I wonder, isn't it obvious that staying for such a long time is a very bad idea, when the hosts are covered in paint or are wearing an oily kitchen apron.


  1. I so reconize myself in your story! I would boile inside and would'nt say anything to! But that's the wrong way to go... I can't understand those people who think it's fine to show up four hours later!

  2. I always find it a tricky thing to get the balance between being polite and being clear. But to give the story a nicer note, the two of them showed up for the opening of the studio sale last night, with them beautiful flowers for me. Maybe they did get it in the end. Have a nice Sunday, Celine!